Purchase And Sale Agreements

Real estate transactions are the cornerstone of our firm’s practice. We offer our clients the highest caliber of experienced, efficient and business-minded attorneys to help navigate the ever-changing real estate market. Our attorneys are results-oriented and understand not just the important legal aspects involved in each deal, but also the critical business issues that form the structure of each deal. Our unique expertise and approach ensures that our clients always receive practical, effective and sound legal counsel for structuring and negotiating any real estate transaction.

Working Through The Purchase And Sale Process

Commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions present many unique challenges not encountered in the residential real estate market. For first-time buyers and seasoned investors alike, navigating the acquisition or disposition of real property requires the skill and knowledge of capable counsel to assist in negotiating key provisions, review status of title and facilitate a smooth closing.

The well-planned purchase and sale begins with the drafting and negotiation of a well-crafted letter of intent. Careful attention to the content and inclusion of key provisions in the letter of intent helps pave the way for a more productive and collaborative process of drafting the purchase and sale agreement. A well-negotiated purchase and sale agreement will build off of the letter of intent and take into consideration the various concerns each client may have with respect to the particular issues or concerns surrounding a particular piece of real property. When represented by the right attorneys, you will rest assured that your interests have been properly accounted for and that the appropriate contingencies and/or remedies are available should the transaction take an unexpected turn.

Once a purchase and sale agreement has been executed, we are at your disposal to assist with all aspect of title review, coordination with your lender on the closing timeline and any requested due diligence (whether it be to set up a loan payoff for a selling party or to put in place a new loan for a purchaser), coordination with a third-party accommodator for purposes of a 1031 exchange, and ultimately the facilitation of any outstanding closing conditions or other requirements necessary to complete the transaction. Having assisted with hundreds of purchase and sale agreements from small, isolated parcels to large-scale shopping centers, Buckner, Robinson & Mirkovich is well-versed in the many common issues that may arise during the entire process, as well as the more obscure ones, and we are ready to assist in bringing about the closing of your transaction.

Knowledge. Experience. Judgment.

Buckner, Robinson & Mirkovich has been serving property owners and business owners in Southern California for four decades. Our highest priority is translating complex legal documents into plain English so that our clients can make informed decisions that will affect the future of their businesses.

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