Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

While we aim to help our clients avoid litigation when possible, under some circumstances, more formalized disputes are inevitable or necessary. Our firm’s extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate field allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive, creative and results-oriented solutions to their disputes in a cost-effective manner.

When any commercial real estate dispute arises, our attorneys act quickly to identify the underlying issue by providing critical guidance to ensure that our clients’ rights are preserved. Sometimes, we are able to diffuse common landlord-tenant disagreements before they elevate into more formalized disputes. In the unlikely event litigation is necessary, our firm is well-seasoned in providing competent and experienced counsel to effectively represent our clients.

Resolving Disputes Between Tenants And Landlords

As a complement to our extensive commercial leasing practice, our litigation team is well-prepared to assist our clients in the event of a landlord-tenant dispute. Our experience enables us to assist in the evaluation of the situation and make a quick determination as to the best way to proceed when an issue arises. Depending on the likelihood of recovery and the time involved, we may negotiate a lease termination, or proceed with the filing of an action for unlawful detainer, in order to return possession of the premises to the landlord as quickly as possible, potentially allowing the landlord to re-let the premises to a new tenant.

Although there are many situations that may play out in the world of landlord-tenant relationships, we remain consistent in our aggressive approach to representing our clients’ interests and are committed to exploring all avenues of relief for our clients.

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