CC&Rs And Easements

It’s not easy to manage all the competing needs and interests of property owners, tenants, investors and other parties with an interest in common-interest developments such as condominiums, co-ops and shopping centers. Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) establish rules that govern the relationships among these parties. With a lawyer’s help, these documents can be drafted and enforced to ensure that the development thrives.

At Buckner, Robinson & Mirkovich, we help our clients draft CC&Rs and easements as well as interpret them and amend them when necessary. We will also assist in establishing easements to help satisfy commercial needs while maintaining a positive relationship among all tenants.

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Our firm assists with CC&Rs and other documents through every step in the process:

  • Drafting a CC&R: The most important step in managing stakeholder relationships is to draft a precise and thorough document that considers as broad a range of potential issues as possible. The more thorough the original document is, the fewer disputes will arise in the future.
  • Interpreting a CC&R: When a CC&R is imprecisely written, it may not be clear how it applies in an unexpected situation. We help our clients interpret these documents and argue forcefully for a favorable interpretation when disputes arise.
  • Amending a CC&R: In some cases, the changing needs of a tenant or owner may require a set of CC&Rs to be updated. We help update and improve your documents.
  • Enforcing a CC&R: When clear violations occur, we help our clients enforce agreed-upon rules when disputes arise. We will assist with enforcement measures, including eviction, as well as help tenants assert their rights when the threat of eviction looms.

When one party’s owned or rented territory has little or no access except through another party’s property, we will help establish easements that maintain a positive relationship between neighbors.

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Buckner, Robinson & Mirkovich has been serving property owners and business owners in Southern California for four decades. Our highest priority is translating complex legal documents into plain English so that our clients can make informed decisions that will affect the future of their businesses.

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