Commercial Leasing

Commercial leases are not “one size fits all.” We draft documents tailored to the specific needs of our clients, as thoroughly as possible, in order to avoid potential future disputes that could grow into expensive legal conflicts — these potential disputes include right of first refusal, subleasing, maintenance and services.

The real estate attorneys at Buckner, Robinson & Mirkovich will research your property and potential tenants in order to help our clients and other parties reach mutually acceptable lease terms.

Commercial Lease Assistance In Southern California

Commercial leases for regional shopping centers and malls are one of our primary areas of concentration. We have completed leases with virtually all the regional and national shopping center retailers. Consequently, we bring significant prior experience to each new deal, and are often able to avoid “recreating the wheel,” allowing us to complete new leases more efficiently.

We also help our clients keep track of some of the more intricate details of the lease agreements, such as exclusive use clauses, construction deadlines, no-build periods and protected access provisions, to assist in avoiding any conflicts or inconsistencies among the various leases in a particular shopping center or controlled area.

Knowledge. Experience. Judgment.

Buckner, Robinson & Mirkovich has been serving property owners and business owners in Southern California for four decades. Our highest priority is translating complex legal documents into plain English so that our clients can make informed decisions that will affect the future of their businesses.

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